Dahua DHL55-4K 55″ UHD LCD Monitor

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Dahua DHL55-4K 55″ UHD LCD Monitor

DHL55-4K 55’’ UHD LCD Monitor

· 4K ultra-HD resolution
· Industrial level DID LCD panel, suitable for extensive 7×24
continuous works
· High fidelity digital processing, brilliant and vivid video
· Built-in 3D COMB filter and 3D Noise Reduction
· 8ms fast response time, no image ghosting
· 16.7M color, display every details of video
· Brightness smart detection, power-saving
· Using Tamper-proof metal housing, no radiation
· Professional thermal design to extend equipment lifespan
· Built-in power, low energy consumption, ultra-quiet
· Abundant interfaces HDMI, DVI, VGA, BNC, USB, support
video loop



Protective Glass



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