Virtual CIO

What is Virtual CIO Virtual CIOs are actually a portfolio of IT services for small businesses offered by today’s Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Virtual CIO is a concept — and a service — that incorporates activities that are performed and operated by chief information officers, chief technology officers, and technology consultants. A Virtual CIO typically […]


Microsoft Surface Pro 7

  Microsoft has hit the new Surface series hard, launching Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro X and Surface Laptop 3. The revised laptop makes sense for us; the Surface Laptop 2 debuted in June 2017 so it’s about time we’ve seen a new model. Yet bringing together two Surface Pro tablets is a bold move. The Pro X is a higher-price, sleeker new professional [...]

How Fast Internet Affects the Bottom Line of Businesses

Fast Internet is vital in today’s competitive marketplace to conduct business. Indeed, the pace of the Internet of a business can have a significant effect on its activities and general achievement. With a fiber-optic Internet connection directly to your business, you can help increase your business profit, productivity, collaboration, and customer satisfaction. Do you need [...]

Now that you know which factors you need to consider when searching for a new Internet connection, it’s time to learn about the alternatives that are accessible to you. Understanding the various kinds of Internet links makes it simpler to decide which one is best for your business.

You wouldn’t get one that provides average velocity and reliability when your business generates and accesses enormous quantities of information every day. Similarly, if you have a small team and do not do much downloading / uploading or streaming, you wouldn’t want to choose super high-speed Internet service.

Internet Connection Upgrade

Should You Upgrade Your Internet Connection?

A stable high speed Internet service for businesses is not an alternative but a necessity in today’s fast-paced and linked globe. This is one of the reasons that many businesses are investing in the finest infrastructure and a reliable supplier of Internet services.

However, there are cases where you may need a fresh stable high speed link to the Internet. Whether your business moves to a new place, upgrades infrastructure, or merely needs a better service, careful planning is needed to get a fresh link.

This guide is to help you get you started finding a new high-speed Internet service for your business.

The search for the ideal Internet service for your company extends beyond finding one that provides the fastest speeds or the most sensible cost. Here’s a brief list of stuff when shopping for a new Internet service you need to look into:

Today, you can choose from tons of high speed Internet systems on the market. Your choice could depend on your location, some services may not provide a stable connection yet.

Internet service providers offer packages with different speeds. Your choice should depend on how your business uses your Internet connection. How many devices will be sharing the internet connection? Are you downloading and/or uploading large files? Do you stream videos regularly? These are the questions to ask when you’re deciding to upgrade your Internet connection or not.

Network connection and equipment
You might already have stable high-speed internet, but somehow it still slow? Do you maximize your network equipment? Free Assessment on your network.

When looking for high-speed Internet service for your business, you’ll find many providers offering 99.99% uptimes. Guarantees like this are very common, but most of the time this promise is unfulfilled. Look into the details and consider having a back-up connection or service in case your main Internet connection goes down.

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Internet Connection Options

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)
DSL works with an already installed telephone line. It offers speeds of several hundred kbps to a few mbps. Speed and availability, however, often depends on the distance of the nearest telephone facility to your location.

Cable Modem
If a DSL is to telephone lines, then a cable modem is to TV sets. The Internet service is delivered the same way as your TV cable service. Speeds are similar to those offered by DSL service providers.

Satellite is a form of wireless Internet service and is great for providing Internet connection to remote areas.

Fiber Internet is one of the latest technologies. Initially, this type of high-speed Internet service for business would cost you a fortune. Good news, though! The cost of Fiber Internet has significantly gone down. You can now get speeds that are much faster than DSL and cable modems for a reasonable price.

Setup a New Internet Connection

How soon should I order the new internet connection? A common question among business planning to get a new high-speed Internet service for their business.

When you’re moving to a new location or having construction done to your current one, ordering a new connection should be done at least few months ahead. It would be best to include it in your office move planning checklist.

Sure, you may still get the service from the same carrier, but you may no longer have the same set-up or blueprint. Your carrier may need to do something outside your office, such as switching your cable to fiber connection or changing the circuit.

Another item to consider is testing your new IP address. While it may take some time to install your link, some suppliers may be able to provide ahead of time with your new static IP address. It’s a good idea to ask about it so that you can program your new IP into your LAN or firewall and then test when the installers come. By doing this you would be able to reduce possible interruptions and use your new connection without a hitch once it’s up.

It doesn’t have to be complex to get a new high-speed web service for your business. You will be able to choose the best one for your business with adequate planning and assist from experts.

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