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Introduction Videos Trends to Expect in 2021

2021 we will feel a new climate in the business world. Business observers and players have been gearing up for 2021 since today. Business people have started upgrading business tricks. It is estimated that 2021 will be a technology war, including technology to maximize the function of the marketing team. One of the maximized tools is video function. Following introduction videos trends to expect in 2021.

Optimized for Mobile

Customers managing almost whole their lives on the go from their mobile devices. Because of that, brands should follow the target audience’s needs. Animated introduction videos, as part of the customer’s onboarding and online journey, should be adjusted for mobile too. We can necessity in optimizing customer experiences for mobile users.


Producing introduction videos to close with customers need to understand what they need. It’’s even more than possible if we research before we start producing videos. Research target audience first. It’s probably worth thinking about creating short videos for several groups of customers divided by their gender, interest, profession, goals, or other factors. Customer profiling will help us raise the chances of delivering the animation that will resonate with them and bring maximum results to our business.

The Mix of 2D and 3D Animation

Mix method between 2D and 3D animation can bring a different experience to customers. Both videos are the two biggest explainer or introduction videos trends in 2020. It’s possible to happen in 2021. The combination of them is expected to boom video marketing in the next year.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is at the top of the introduction videos trends 2020 and is expected to gain momentum in 2021. Whiteboard animated videos have become so popular because they are less expensive than 3D animation.

Animated Video

Introduction videos became more interactive and unique when they turn on the animated video. Introduction videos are frequently utilized onboarding experiences for digital tools, websites, and mobile applications. Video introduction help transmit the product essence and functionality within several minutes delivering entertainment to customers also.

Those are the things we can describe related to the marketing strategy in 2021. You can follow it. May be useful.

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