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Culture Business Trends for 2021, Why We Must Invest in Video Strategy Marketing

At the end of 2020, the world is dramatically changing course. All because of Covid-19. Many businesses, political, and cultural plans were canceled or at least postponed. It is estimated that 2021 will still be the time when we all make an economic recovery. Therefore, the strategy in doing business will experience a different development from the previous year. The following is an estimate of the business culture that will be more profitable in 2021.

Companies Focus on Culture

Some company cultures need readjusting after long-term work from home policies. Besides, when employees return to the office later, the government also still enforces strict health protocols, so companies need to implement them if they don’t want to have business license problems.

Pulse surveys conducted by the O.C Tanner Institute during the worst of the Covid-10 crisis found when a company had a layoff or furlough, there was:

  • 91% decline in employee net promoter score
  • 57% increase in disengagement
  • 42% increase in a tense workplace atmosphere
  • 75% increase in feeling like the organization was underprepared

Companies trying to cut cost by scaling back employee recognition program resulted in:

  • 49% decrease in engagement
  • 23% decrease in likelihood employees feel supported by the organization
  • Twice as much fear about covid-19.

In this regard, employees also need to adjust to new things that will be applied in the company later. Then the work culture is also likely to change. Where workers will be focused on using digital power rather than meeting directly both with clients and with corporate consumers.

Video Marketing Important Position

In these conditions, the use of video will be very important to make it easier for companies to carry out product campaigns. Whether it’s in the form of an animated video, an introduction video, or a video explainer of various types, all of that will greatly make it easier for companies to branding from within the office.

The video will make sales easier because it can be attached to email marketing, business chat, social media, to streaming channels subscribed to by internet users in the world. Also, promotion with videos in 2021 can be an effective and efficient step. Therefore, investing in video marketing will provide better product sales opportunities in the post-Covid-19 economic recovery period.

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