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Top Strategic Business Prediction for 2021 and Beyond

The emergence of Covid-19 has had a broad impact on the business environment and its surroundings. This unpredictability made a big difference in all kinds of things. 2021 is in sight, for a while the economic condition that has not recovered due to the impact of Covid-19 will cause a series of significant changes to the business environment. More or less here are the top business predictions strategy which will be popular in 2021 and beyond.

Increasingly Sophisticated Artificial Technology

By 2025, traditional computing technologies will hit a digital wall, forcing the shift to new computing paradigms such as sophisticated artificial technology. New computing technologies, like neuromorphic computing, will begin to take their place. Technology development is increasing because people have felt the big benefits, especially when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. People more often use technology for various kinds of business, such as shopping, business, and more. Starting from personal matters to business. This of course will be a big consideration in the wheels of business to simplify and streamline operational costs.

DNA Storage Becomes a Reality

By 2024, 30% of digital businesses will mandate DNA storage trials, addressing the exponential growth of data poised to overwhelm existing storage technology. DNA storage enables the storage of binary digital data in the double helix, taking binary coding and turning it into coding that fits in the human DNA strand. Digital data would be encoded in the nucleic acid base pairs of synthetic DNA strands. It sounds complex, but the technology is actually well-established and understood.

Farms and Factories Face Automation

By 2025, customers will be the first humans to touch more than 20% of the products and produce in the world. Covid-19 has acted as an accelerator, driving the industry to find new and improved ways of getting food and products to consumers.

Video Metric Matters

The marketing system has changed drastically since covid-19. Now, businesses-however they do-from behind the counter can reach consumers. Therefore, from 2021 onwards, video components such as animation videos, introduction videos, explainer videos, and so on will be an important part of product campaigns. Videos will increasingly be used to reach the widest possible range of potential customers. Because video is one of the many tools to streamline production capital.

The prediction above is only a view based on some factual data in the last five years. 2020 will be a very extraordinary surprise with the presence of Covid-19. Do you still want to use the old way of doing business? Leave it immediately and join the new wave.

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