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Great Video Opportunities as Part of a Marketing Strategy 2021

Almost 4 billion people are using social media according to a report by We Are Social. That is over half of the world’s population. It’s the primary form of communication for Millennials and Gen-Zedders and the way most people have chosen to stay connected with friends and family. This is why video increases the interest of businesspeople to use animated videos. In any case, video increases sales potential.

Stay Connected

People can easily stay connected with our products. On the other hand, we can keep in touch with potential customers. A video that has already been released can still be viewed back five years from now. Even though the content marketing trend has changed, the condition of the video that can still be seen will keep the product in touch with potential customers.

Stay Fresh

A film that is packed with near-perfect composition will still be interesting to look back at any time. Animated videos or video introductions that are packed with close-to-perfect composition are sure to be fun to look at again. The information contained in it becomes conveyed from one generation to the next. Video advertisements that work in this area include Walt Disney, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Nike, Adidas, and many others. Videos that can inspire young people of all time will always feel fresh.

Google Reigns

96% of smartphone traffic and 94% of all organic traffic comes through Google. If you are not on it, you’re not anywhere. Video content is becoming an increasingly important pillar for Google alongside animation and infographics, which have the potential to be shared on social media up to three times more than any other type of content.

Getting Closer to the Audience

The video makes brands closer to the audience. With videos that can be watched either on a desktop or smartphone, videos are easier for viewers to reach. While sitting, snacking, traveling on the train, or watching streaming, our video advertisements can be seen by viewers in various circumstances and positions.

Easy to Distribute

We can share video marketing that has been uploaded to the company’s website on various social media platforms by simply copying and pasting the link. We can also attach our video marketing link to email marketing. We can also attach it to the social chat forum, and much more. We can share video links up to 100 times a day. Meeting potential customers in a way that conventional video marketing systems cannot easily do.

There are so many advantages and profit opportunities that can be obtained from using video as part of a marketing strategy. Do you just want to be a spectator?

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