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The Trend of Marketing Animation Video Type You Should Know

The trend of animated videos as part of a marketing trick is widespread. The development has been fantastic until the end of 2020. Judging by the business movement in 2020, consumers want to know information about a product and whether the product’s function can solve their problem seems to exist in several methods. Short videos are the most superior media. As many as 68% of internet users see video as a means of getting to know a product. Then as many as 15% of the audience received text-based product information. Then, there are 4% presentation and e-book based. The rest is through infographics, phone calls from sales, email marketing, and so on.

Statistical data shows in detail the trends of videos that viewers like or watch more on the internet to find out information about brands. 39% of internet users prefer to watch explainer videos. Then 20% like watching entertaining viral-style videos. Then 12% product demo videos. 10% video blogs, 9% interactive videos, and 6% software tutorials.

Furthermore, the media that are popular among netizens as a source for watching videos are YouTube and Facebook Video. The two sources are in a tight competition. The viewership of video marketers who have used it as a channel on YouTube Video reached 87% while Facebook Video reached 84%. Meanwhile, in the say it’s been successful for them category, YouTube videos have reached 80%, while Facebook videos are superior, reaching 85%. Finally, in the plan to use it next year category on YouTube Video is 88% and Facebook Video reaches 78%.

This shows that video is getting enormous attention from audiences, social media users, and the internet. On average in 2020, the types that get the most attention are 360-Degree Video Experiences, Shoppable Videos, Less is More Video Production, Search-Optimized Videos, Live Videos, Educational Videos, Vlogging for Brands, Interactive Videos, Longer Ads, Videos Go OTT, changing social media videos specs, Video in Stories, and Soundless Social Videos.

People easier to remember pictures and a picture can tell a lot of things. It seems that the saying has more meaning in the context of video marketing in this digital era. A video animation seems to be very reliable to smooth the prospects and future of the company. Don’t you also want to take the same opportunity?

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