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Types of Explainer Videos as Introduction Video Company Program

We highly recommend that you create an introduction video as part of a marketing strategy.  There are several great types of videos to take advantage of. One of them is the explainer video at the start of the program. You need to know that explainer videos can come in several types. Here are the types of videos that might catch your business.

Live-Action Explainer Video

Live-action explainer videos are usually best for companies selling a physical product or people-oriented service. With live-action explainer videos, you can emotionally influence the audience’s perception. However, live-action explainer videos can maximize the process of delivering the functions and benefits of using the product or service you produce to the audience.

Animated Explainer Videos

This form of video animation is very popular these days. The reason is, with this model, we can explore various kinds of ideas to be realized. Animation technology can allow all kinds of ideas to be realized, as long as there are sufficient funds. With the selection of characters that are easy for the audience to remember and the packaging of the storyline that is based on the consumer, we can introduce our products to the hearts of the audience. If so, it’s just a matter of time waiting for hundreds of thousands of people and even more to become customers of our products.

Whiteboard Explainer Videos

A whiteboard explainer videos is an explainer video in which animation is hand-drawn and erased on a whiteboard. With this video, we can show consumers what our products can do. We can show you the right way for consumers to use our products. We can even illustrate the behind-the-scenes of product packaging with a quick and attractive hand drawing and then end with information on how consumers can get our products.

That’s some important information related to the type of video introduction that you can choose. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Even better, if you use all types so that it can reach a wider variety of audience types.

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