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Animation Video Types Recommended for Business

Creating a video animation for business can be a bigger decision than you might imagine. The impact of making animated videos can be imagined by anyone. You can surprise yourself when you see the results. Videos are tools that make it easier for us to communicate, from product philosophy to practical use. Here, we recommend you some types of animated video that is suitable for marketing products.

Explainer Video

An explainer video is a form of video that suitable for you who want to show potential customers how your product works. For example, your product is a mask for beauty, you can create a storyline for your animated character who experiences a change in facial condition form before wearing a mask to after wearing a mask.

Tradeshow Video

If your product wants to hold a tour promotion event, you can create an animated ad video with the tradeshow type of video. With this, you can explain brands want to hold, such as competitions, performers, how to gain connections with your brand, and so on until the sales goals are achieved.

Tutorial Videos

Regarding the type of your product. You can make video tutorials that are needed by the community. If the product you are selling is a wallet, maybe you can show how to choose the right wallet for various events. Then ends with a recommendation for the product they should buy. Product tutorials are also suitable for showing you how to wear your products, such as how to wear the latest brand of make-up from your company. The influencer creates video tutorial content. You can collaborate with them to promote your make-up brand.

Animated marketing videos are ideal types to help you stand out in marketing. It means that once potential customers are drawn to your stall, they can learn more about your brand in an easily accessible way. Even if you can’t speak to them the right way.

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