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Finding Inspiration for Animation Video Business, Different Techniques, and Style Animation

Before go build an animation video to promote a product, it better for knowing the different types of animation techniques and styles. With knowing the techniques and style, we could choose the perfect style for our branding commercials.

Traditional Animation

Traditional animation involved animators drawing by hand for every frame. Traditional animation or classical 2D Animation involves creating numerous drawings then feeding into plastic cells, hand painting them, and create the animated sequence on a painted background image.

Digital 2D Animation

Digital 2D Animation using Adobe Flash, animators can limit the number of drawings used, which makes it easier to create digital 2D animation. Animators can use adobe flash to create details, such as movement, coloring, expressions, and so on. By using digital, it becomes easier for animators to work. Arguably also faster on the time scale than traditional animation. 

Digital 3D Animation

If you are interested in using character into a realistic one for promoting your product in animation video style, maybe you could choose the digital 3D animation. This style makes whatever character you want to become a real one. Using computer software, 3D Animated images are used to create many short films, full-length movies, and even tv commercials, and digital 3D animation could make a big impact on your business. Because, compared to 2D animation and the traditional approach, 3D animation models are highly realistic.

Stop-Motion Animation

Stop animation has been around ever since the evolution of puppets. There were many movies created using the stop motion method. For business, your animation video could be building in this style. With stop motion animation, you can show the audience an important part for a few seconds to make the hook go to the audience’s memory.

Audio-animatronics and Autonomatronics

This style of animation video is driven by sophisticated cameras and sensors giving the ability to make choices about what to say and do. You can use a robot as a substitute for your presentation in front of the client if you have this technology like Walt Disney does. The advantages of this technology can even feel the emotions of the interlocutor. When using this technology for product promotion, imagine how the audience reacts to interact with it. You are curious? Maybe they will immediately fall in love with the product and become customers.

Those are some of the technologies and styles that we can choose to be part of our promotional strategy. Carefully thinking about which style and technology to use before making video animation is an important step. It’s better to get the most out of it without rushing because we will spend a lot of money. Also, you can consult with experts, if need.

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