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The Process Animated Video Stick to Audience Memory, Make an Impact

We are much more receptive to moving images than text. The rationale here is our minds are meant to process an image 50,000 faster than a group of written words. Our brains also have the capacity of keeping that information stored under a minute of video is equivalent to around 1.8 million words.

Animated explainer and explorer videos have an impact that can make people curious about the brands we are currently marketing. Viewers may not directly buy our products, but they will find out more about our products. Then, when they feel good about it, they’ll buy our product.

How video animation works are unique. The combination of distinctive characters with a compelling storyline will make people remember for a long time. then, it brings curiosity to the brand or product that is the main icon in the storyline.

The important thing is to create memorable characters and storylines that hit the hearts of the audiences. A character that is fun to look at will stick in the minds of the audience. Storylines that hit the hearts of the audience can foster a sense of sympathy for the audience for the product. Slowly but surely, the audience will love our products. Until then the audience decides to subscribe to our products.

The impact made by video animation may not be felt immediately. However, with an interestingly packed video note, the characters will not be easily forgotten, even iconic, slowly but surely your brand will soon be recognized. Because netizens like to share animated videos that are funny, entertaining, and easy to digest. Even if the concept is satirical, absurd, or even fantasy.

The animated video itself contains elements of fantasy. If the packaging is more tempting to the audience, they will not easily ignore the existence of your product. When your product is known, it’s a matter of time, your product sales increase dramatically.

Remember, the main factor in making animated videos that have a big impact is those that are entertaining, funny, and not easy to forget. Want to try?

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