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What is Video Animation for Business?

Animated videos with commercial purposes whether for commercials of films in theaters to TV screens now play an important role in business success.  Maybe you have questions like what is the real position of video animation for business?

Discussing animated videos with business with uniting the two worlds. The world of creative creation with the world of business. First, let’s know what animation is.

The animation is a method for moving a figure or character to life, moving like a real human. There are several types of video animation, the famous one includes 2D Video animation, 3D video animation, live-action animation, and so on. The three types of animated videos are usually produced for cartoon films.

In its development, seeing the animation function can be a breakthrough to promote products, the business marketing sector has started to take advantage of it. Advertisements have sprung up with the concept of video animation, both in the form of 2D animation, 3D animation, or other forms. The novelty in this concept increases people’s attention to the products being marketed. As a result, marketing competition has increased. Not there are not only marketing videos delivered by humans but there are also marketing videos that utilize animation technology. Some even combine them.

All that happens because animated videos can reach the hearts of people of all ages. Everyone likes cartoons or animated films. At its peak, The Simpsons achieved 13 million viewers per episode! Many of these were adults and Family Guy reached an impressive 12 million adult viewers.

The concept of unlimited animated videos can make any marketing idea come true. Whatever the form of the idea, the stranger it will be, the more attention it will get, because, in the animation, people agree that anything can be done. This creates trust in the marketing company. Let’s make it, we all love animation!

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