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3 Elements to Create a Video Introduction for Business

The competition in the marketing digital era is rare. If you don’t want to get left behind then upping your business with a video introduction or animation, and add some marketing strategy is essential. Here is elements key to consider when creating a video introduction for your business. Because there is no magic formula, the important key is just:

– Solving problems 

– Adding value to the viewer

– Entertaining your viewer

Good content is not enough. To make sure our content in the video introduction could give an entertain viewer, adding value, and solving problems must start from answer the question. Your hook should answer any of the following questions:

  • Why should people watch the video?
  • Why should people stick around?
  • What’s in it for them?
  • What pain will you be solving?
  • What are the benefits to them for listening to your video?
  • Why they don’t want to miss out!

There are two places to put a hook and make the audience give attention to your content. First is the start of the video, within the first seven seconds. Second, throughout the video, reminding them of what is still to come. After that, a video introduction should be announcing the presenter and perhaps their credentials. Along with a quick overview of the content that you are going to cover. Introduction video should not exceed 30 seconds and should be to the point. It must like a trailer from a movie. 

Delivery Content

Focus on the content must be to the point. As long as the video to the point without going off-topic and away from the main content, people will give attention to the content. The duration of the video does depend on the content and don’t forget about the value that you are providing. 

In the content, give people a “Wow!” factor. Something that they never see in another company. You need an audience before you can gain trust. Use anything platform to share your video introduction. if you have a YouTube Channel, use it. A vlog or Facebook page that regularly product video content can gain your audience. 

If your content discusses how to, this type of video can be shared on Linkedln, Facebook, and Twitter. If your type of video is packaged like a short film, with strong storytelling, upload your video on YouTube, IG TV, Facebook, and your company’s official website. Each media has a tendency of fans from a certain background. LinkedIn will be a great place to share “how-to” content because it is dominated by entrepreneurs, employees, and creators there. Instagram will be the right place for product promotion with photos and videos. If your target market is millennials, then Instagram can be the right place to promote your products. 

Have you got the main points of the important elements of the video introduction? let’s practice making a video introduction to our business success. 

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