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Video Introduction Can Push Our Business in the Right Direction

Video traffic grows fourfold from 2016 to 2021. Video nowadays not just for fun but it’s useful for business too. This is great news for businessmen or entrepreneurs who are already on board with video. Here’s the challenge, none of this is matters if no one watches our video past the first few seconds if it was boring.

Video introduction no matter the platform can make or break our success in business. Whatever kinds of business we interest in. video introduction will attract our ideal viewer, repel the wrong one, or get our audience to keep watching until buying our product whenever we publish it.

Video introduction, in fact, even videos under 90 seconds have an average retention rate of 53%. Videos over 30 minutes retain only 10%. From a business perspective, a video introduction is a place that can set us to become part of the audience live or not. Video introduction also the place that can set our product apart from any other video on the internet. It sets the tone, expectations, and even the personality behind the video.

Video introduction sets viewer expectations is real. Many things can set expectations for the viewer even before they start watching, like the title, thumbnail of the video, keywords, image, and so on. The social media post above the video and even the length of the video they see before they clicked to watch. These elements can say so much, before the contents. This includes the name of the channel, color, and logo. These elements made people start watching. So, if the viewer sees on the screen any ultimate information they would subscribe to your channel.

The quality of your Video introduction will instantly add more credibility to your business. Video introduction also makes your business look more capable and professional. That’s the reason why it is extremely important to carefully have plan our brand, product, and services to video introduction.

Discussing things such as planning, scripting, pre-production, production, filming, lighting, sound, voice-over, video editing, also the artist with the team is important. Before getting started, looking for good ideas first. Maybe you could contact with professional in video introduction services. For example, contact us will be worth it.

Video Introduction is About Costumer, not Our Business Only

Our priorities are to make costumer and potential customers notice our business and value. People’s expectations do not want to watch a video in which we are talking about our company profile. They do not need to know how many awards we won or how many people we are managing. It’s not currently important for the customer. They want to know what we can do for them. How we could solve their problems.

Better, video introduction content is about how we could become solver problems to people. In the intro video, better let them know that we thoroughly understand their immediate needs. We have a quick, easy, and affordable solution. To support it, make sure you build a good script and whole video around that.

In the video, do not tell people how great we are, but let the viewers decide for themselves if we are a big deal or not. One simply, demonstrating that we understand customer needs it to have a list of common question which you briefly address in the video. We should cover essential information such as our name, what we can do, and anything it’s relevant to the product or services.

Draft the script before its production. Start by making a bullet point list with all the topics on touching in the video. Keep in mind that the audience attention span for this kind of video just around 1-2 minutes. It means the script should not be longer than 300-400 words. Do not forget to make a video with funny or emotional. This kind of video has a higher audience. Now, if you are just starting, it will be a big chance you will have to do all those things on your own. If you are lucky, the video introduction will make your brand have tons of fans. This means, your video introduction pushes your business in the right direction.

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