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5 Stunning Animation Video Marketing for Business Example

In doing business in the digital era, extraordinary ideas are indeed needed to steal the public’s attention. One of the methods that we can use is video marketing, simply said like animation video marketing for business.

To create an animated marketing video business, let’s look forward to an animated marketing video example that is stunning on the internet spot. These examples below are excellent for analyzing the usefulness of achieving business objectives.

Google Animated Marketing Video

As the world’s largest internet network provider, Google itself uses animated videos to promote its services. The animated marketing video sends a clear message out, helping a user connect with the core idea. In the Google animated marketing video, we can look at the new Google Wifi system that provides a different way to improve your wireless network.

IKEA Animated Marketing Video

The category of IKEA animated marketing video is home furnishing animated marketing examples. In the video, IKEA shows the new product to the customer. It is a mobile sales tool to help its staff meet customer expectations and help make finding the perfect home decor super easy. The animated marketing video used in the video is dynamic motion graphics with excellent sound and music in the background design. It works as a great marketing video.

TITAN Animated Marketing Video

The video used is a category school management animated marketing example. If you work in the education business, you would like this kind of animated marketing video. In the video, TITAN provides simple straight-forward yet comprehensive management and communications tools with a revolutionary and all-inclusive subscription model improving operations in education. The video a scalable cloud school solution that makes school operations more effective and efficient.

Airbnb Animated Marketing Video

People in the world know Airbnb has success around the world. Travelers and tourists use the app and services to book accommodation everywhere. With the animation video, they use warm 2D human figures to describe the object, with hip animation and a fitting soundtrack selection. The voiceover is also top-notch in the video. Hereby Airbnb attracts potential customers and their regular customers. Customers know more quickly how to use the app or how to get services from Airbnb.

Slack Animated Marketing Video

With slogan work simplified, Slack introducing its services with animated marketing video and making the audience fall in love with their services. Slack is a comprehensive service for messaging, tools, files, and collaboration in one place. The App brings communication in group or individually easier. Just by watching the video, the audience can grasp all the information because of how well it’s been created.

There are many more examples of animated video marketing that are packaged in an incredibly attractive manner. If you don’t take the same advantage of business people, you can lose more opportunities to get more subscriptions. This is not the time to worry, that animated video service can become a mainstay in the market.

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