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We Need a Video Introduction to Decreased Our Profit, Here the Reason Why

A video introduction is needed because they could help us get more engagement with our audience. Video introduction effective to do it cause usually video within 60 to 90 seconds. They are visually compelling, make good use of color, tone, movement to catch and hold the audience’s attention. At an event, they use the elements of good storytelling to keep the audience watching from start till the end. Are you still doubt about the benefit of making a video introduction for your business? If you still questioning why we need a video introduction to decreased our profit, here the reason why.

The Benefit of Making Video Introduction

Video introduction could help us leave an impression on our audience. Just remember to keep our video between 60-90 seconds or 1-2 minutes. Why like that? Because no one is going to want to watch our video. Video is valuable because they improved user engagement, improve our brand awareness, and improve search engine optimization. The impact of video introduction can be seen especially since visitors to our website have decreased over time. With the right script, we could maintain the attention of our audience after those 8 seconds.

Remember, we have so much information on our website, with a video introduction we could share any information. It’s an easy and interesting way to provide our target audience with an understanding of what the company does without them having to read through a bunch of text. Say, we could provide information with our homepage video by summarizing who the company is, explaining our product and service, explain our terminology, and we could engage and connect more with the viewer by perception, appraisal of meaning, evaluation of meaning, and emotional response.

Give Audience Direction

Just like when we want to go to a new place, sometimes we need something to help us. The Video introduction has that function. Sometimes, visitors have no idea where to even start when they landing on our homepage. With video introduction, we could help them, we can provide each visitor with some sense of direction. We may have talked about something that interested them. Something interesting and different could added benefits to our website. With an introductory video on our homepage, the visitor will visit other parts of our site, share our video through social media, and act on some next steps that were mentioned in the video.

That’s some of the reasons why we need a video introduction to decreased our profit.

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