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Video Introduction Not Just a Tool It’s Everything

Did you think a video introduction is a tool for sales marketing products? If yes, then change it! Because video introduction, not just a tool it’s everything. There’s no doubt about it. Video is an important part of content marketing but becomes more essential. The fact is here:

  • 90 % of web consumers say that a video helps them make a decision to buy business products or services.
  • 65% of executives who watch work-related videos visit our business’s websites 
  • 64% of people who visit a business’s website are likely to buy our product after watching a video
  • Estate agency listing that uses video get over 400% more inquiries than those without video
  • 71% of companies plan to increase their video marketing budget cause is effective to promote products to potential clients and current clients. 

Stand out From Crowd

Video introduction helps our product stand out from the crowd on the internet by Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We have the opportunity to stand out from the competition by making a powerful video introduction as a marketing tool. Video introduction to introduce our brand to potentials consumers, answer website visitor’s questions, or just to make visitors laugh because our video introduction is one of kind entertaining too. All of that is a function of video introduction, which makes people knowing our product more and how our business can help them. 

Once we have hooked our audience with a compelling story, entertaining things, we can take a moment to build credibility by letting them know our brand is. It could give them reasons why they should keep listening and watching. Video introduction stories engage our audience’s emotions, helping them focus on. Later, they could recall what they are watching and hearing. Think about it!

If our potential consumers have gotten to know the real brand, they are more likely to buy our products. So, when your sales marketing communicating with audiences on video, tell them to be honest, transparent self, and speaks as though they are talking with their familiar persons. Make audiences believe they became part of your stories. When viewers feel it, they would be falling in love with your brand and bought many of your products or services. 

To make our video introduction stand out from the crowd on the internet, we need to maximize not just the SEO, but also the content. Here, we tell you the video content types that people love to watch. 

1. Vlog

You could research this type of video content through Youtube. In that platform, vlogs have huge attention from Youtube users. Vlogs or video blogs it’s cheap and easy to shoot. Everyone could be vloggers. They could create it almost with nothing but they get huge attention from the audience because of the content relatable with viewers. Total cost? Maybe just one cup of coffee. 

2. Company Culture

People like to see behind the scenes. They like to know about company culture. For this reason, a video introduction about company culture is one of the best types of video content we can use to reveals our company culture. This kind of video allows customers and potential customers to connect with our brand. 

3. Interview

Interview videos are perfect for building brand authority. With this kind of video, we allow people to know our brand through inspiring products. We could allow our audience an intimate experience with the team or our leader, someone in our business answer hard-hitting questions. 

4. Webinar

People attend virtual webinars because they like to learn something from our brand. We could be doing a roundtable panel discussion with several gurus on our channel. With this, our brand could engage more with people who interest in our value. 

 There are nothing reasons again to not use video introduction to build success in business. Again, video introduction not just a tool it’s everything for our business years. 

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