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Video Introduction Animation Could Create Great Impression on Audience

Whether your videos are animated or live-action, you should always use animated intros. Video introduction animation will hook the audience. Creative people call that five-second hook, which means your video is they will most probably scroll away and never play that video again if the video not good as its first 5 seconds. It is how video introduction animation creates a great impression on the audience.

So, maybe you have questioned how and what qualified video introduction animation is qualified as a good animated video introduction? Here you can work out simply for using animated intros.

Giving your Video a Professional Look

The video introduction animation should in general complement your video and make it look like you spent a lot of money on it. Animation comes in many different styles and types, this will enable you to choose the perfect style that reflects the mood of your brand.

Build Trust at First Sight

When people across your brand for the first time and saw the video introduction animation first than others, so those video introduction will become like doors for your brand image. If in those few moments they perceive you as trustworthy, they will keep watching your video. If not, the will leave, you have lost your audience.

Logo Focus

People will look at your logo company. If its look good in video introduction animation, they will have some good expectation. The perception of people builds first by the logo. So, build up curiosity through the logo in video introduction animation is a good choice. Remember, we wanna create a great impression at first sight and make the audience interest in our product or services. It’s a good idea to avoid showing the whole logo at once. You can make each part appear sequentially or perhaps show a small detail then reveal the logo piece-by-piece.

Most intros end with the logo. It’s not a rule, but if our logo brand stands out, then the audience will remember our brand and keeps them in sync with the product or services. So why not if today you started creating video introduction animation with a professional agency.

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