IT Inventory Management & Asset Tracking for Hardware & Software


IT inventory management is the process of automatically discovering, tracking, and centrally managing hardware and software IT assets. It helps you keep your IT inventory up to date and allows you to track assets throughout their life cycle.

Automatically discover and store IT asset data

The first step to gaining control of your IT inventory is establishing an up-to-date list of your hardware and software assets.

Automatically collects IT asset details, including system updates, server warranty information, hosted VM details, removable media, processors, USB ports, memory, network interfaces, operating system and firmware updates, and software information, such as publisher, version, and installation dates.

Track assets throughout their life cycle

Finding assets that need replacing is difficult without warranty expiration, purchase date, etc.

Track your software assets, such as version, installation or purchase date, and latest software updates. Track hardware details, such as purchase date, usage, warranty expiration date, and location. This actionable data helps you decide if you should replace old or faulty hardware, and more.

Detect and track configuration changes

Receive alerts to changes in hardware and software configurations so you can see what changes were made.

Without a change monitoring tool, knowing these changes took place, and what changed, is nearly impossible.

Quickly alert and report on IT assets

Accurately reporting on asset details is not easy because assets are regularly added or moved.

Quickly and accurately report on asset inventory with charts and tables. Built-in reports show current asset usage along with model number, last update dates, names of admins who installed the updates, total resources used, unused hardware, etc.

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